AMP Artist Profile: The Dead Heavys - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Artist Profile: The Dead Heavys

AMP Artist Profile: The Dead Heavys

Styles: Pop, Rock, Psychedelic, Funk

Moods: Motown, positive, swagger, retro, glorious, walking, soundtrack, catchy, inspirational, running, energetic, ‘80s, dramatic, feel good, you and me

AMP is delighted to have on offer a collection of songs from radio friendly The Dead Heavys. These are synth driven and neatly folded tracks, just ready-made to pop and speed away into the night with you as you journey home for the holidays. In the suggested comfort of the pulsating half-dark of a club in the early hours the protagonist of “Everybody In the Nite” is heart broken but adamant to lock the world outside, and for the dance to continue no matter what. “Lazarus” similarly starts off with lyrics referring to our inability to stop dancing despite being knocked down, and then builds on the string of piano trills upon which it is thread. With a 80s rock/pop feed “Liquidator” comes complete with strong female backing vocals complimenting and carrying the song through to its logical sparkling end. The Retro feel of “The New Age of Innocence” will make you promise yourself that the next tunes you play will be by some band like the Ronettes, or at least something by Phil Spector. These are just some of the tracks that will charm you when you let The Dead Heavys entertain you, so come listen.

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