AMP Artist Profile: David Owens - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Artist Profile: David Owens

AMP Artist Profile: David Owens

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Avant Music Port Catalogue 

Style: Singer Songwriter, Folk, Indie Pop, Pop

Key words:  Memories, Warm, Sweet, Nostalgic, Longing, Gentle, Delicate, Caring, Love, Melancholic, Happy, Soaring, Hopeful, Relationships, Rising, Buidling

A proud street musician/performer of this calibre is a warm and fuzzy moment for the regular flaneur, that is, to come upon David between shops will put a break on the spell of consumerism, and even if it is for just one moment, David would delight in that. He came upon the joys of busking by chance as he was travelling around the world in a last proper effort to see the sights before settling into a “real” life. Falling in love with the responses he got, and the vagabond life style, David took all this a lot further than he had initially intended. He has now played in over forty cities worldwide and he has no intention of stopping, as he adores the freedom afforded by the life on the literal musical road.

Born in Scotland but living in Ireland from 7 years old, David was mesmerised by music, and especially the piano, already from 5 years old. Where the music has taken him now – only the occasional openminded walker-by can tell us.

If you are looking for something gentle and openhearted, then stop for a while, just here. 

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