AMP Artist Profile: Restive Nation - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Artist Profile: Restive Nation

AMP Artist Profile: Restive Nation

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Avant Music Port Catalogue 

Style:  Electronic Rock, Alt Rock, Synth Rock

Key words:  Tribal, Percussive, Dark, Tense, Driven, Unusual, Industrial, Suspense, Building, Danger, Dramatic, Drone, Warped, Cinematic, Intense, Cosmic, Heavy

The gritty, epic mood of Restive Nation is created by Chris Cahill (Sound Design, Production, Guitar, Vocals), Ciaran Timmy Lynch (Bass) and Kevin Liffey (Drums). A philosophical bend woven into the depth of textures reeled out by synthetic and organic methods leaves you with a debauched sound underworld that feels experimental while focus driven. This is often full on menacing drama. 

Genre influence wise the lads claim anything from electronic to trip hop to industrial, and have themselves varied backgrounds from playing Electronic Dance music, Indie Electro, Prog Rock, Jazz and Ambient. They’ve been in bands such as Lotus Eater, The Face Collectors, Rhiannon and Lace Weeper (also available from the AMP catalogue), and although the main output is, so far, intense instrumental atmospheric noise, one can hear strands here and there that bust a sudden move in such wide directions as say The Prodigy or David Bowie. 

The video for Ascent begins benign, with us staring at the tadpoles in a sweet mood peppered with birdsong, but then the vocals, speed and intent changes…. 

Here they are building the Halloween spirit for you:

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