Striking Out - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Striking Out

Composition, Recent Work, Supervision, Sync

Avant Music Port were hired by Blinder Films to place music for the four-part series Striking Out, starring Amy Huberman and Neil Morrissey and airing on RTÉ in Ireland in January 2017 and airing internationally later in the year.

Avant Music Port  worked closely with the director Lisa James Larsson and Blinder and placed 25 songs in the show with a number of featured tracks and supervised the opening theme song, a customised version of Bell X1’s Out Of Love. Songs from the catalogue featured including tracks from artists Roisin O, New Portals, Cinema, Katie Laffan, Sive, Monster Monster, Aine Duffy, Paths, Zhala and Daithí.  The director wanted a lot of female-fronted music in the show and lots of music from Ireland (with the show being set in Dublin) and we were happy to oblige.

One of the featured songs from Lyra – ‘Emerald’ ended up at number 2 in the Shazam Charts after the aired such was the reaction to the song.


Here’s a radio piece on 2FM with our lead supervisor about the show and our work


Here’s a Spotify playlist of all placed tracks.