Artist Profile: Jon Dots - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Jon Dots

Artist Profile: Jon Dots

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Style:  Indie Pop, Alt Pop, Pop, Electronic, Experimental, IDM, Disco

Key words:  Romantic, Dreamy, Sweet, Retro, Gentle, Warm, Unusual, Frantic, Trippy, Insane, Driving, Warped, Celebrate, Groovy, Playful, Uplifting, Alluring, Rejection, Dark, Haunting, Lovestruck, Heartbreak

A balance between sweet, upbeat, summery indie pop and dark, slightly unnerving experimental pop is not the most common musical combination from an artist today, but songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Darragh McCabe (aka Jon Dots) creates a balance between these usually opposing genres. Before getting to that stage, the Dublin-based artist was the drummer for experimental trio Alien She, but felt that gigging all the time was distracting him from what he ultimately wanted to do; focus on songwriting and “feel the joy of having that intimate connection with a listener”. This lead to a brief hiatus from performing before releasing three songs online completely free for everyone – very sound stuff!

Whether listening to the lighter or darker side of Jon Dots, his soft, charming vocal and wonderfully imaginative lyrics are consistent across the board. Instrumentally he moves between a fuller experimentally intense soundscape of electronics and percussion and a more traditionally indie pop vocal-guitar-piano-synth-type set up. Tracks ‘Always You’ and ‘Impossibly’ perfectly represent his brighter side with ‘Always You’ and its smooth, dreamy, almost Beach Boys-type sweetness, and ‘Impossibly’ with its lovestruck character and twinkling piano/synth melody. Whereas ‘Carry On Dying’ and ‘Handsome’ portray a darker yet humorous character with ‘Handsome’ and its warped vocals and lyric references to murder, and ‘Carry On Dying’ exploring the effects of drugs when they’re not working as Dots finds himself laughing alone on his deathbed with a rattlesnake while musically this madness is put across through an electronic, experimental adventure of a soundscape. Whether you want a summery or a losing your mind feel, John Dots is your man.

Video for ‘Handsome’:


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